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  • Maria Sole Tognazzi e suo padre Ugo Tognazzi
    In omaggio all'attore una retrospettiva al Museum of Modern Art di New York dal titolo "Ugo Tognazzi: Tragedies of a Ridiculous Man", dal 5 al 30 dicembre 2018 . La figlia Maria Sole Tognazzi ha raccontato vita, curiosità e aneddoti sul grande artista all'Istituto Italiano di Cultura di New York
  • A scene from "The Challenge"
    Presented by the Museum of Modern Art and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the upcoming NYC film festival will feature two must-see Italian movies: Yuri Ancarani's "The Challenge" and Alessandro Comodin's "Happy Times Will Come Soon."
  • “Lella Vignelli, a Designer With a Spare, Elegant Style, Dies at 82” wrote The New York Times a couple of days ago. The digital magazine Quartz summarizes in a few words the story of the famous couple, Lella and Massimo Vignelli, and their difficult battle against the flow: “A legendary husband-and-wife design team fought to get her equal credit for 40 years.” To remember Lella, we decided to re-publish our article about Designed by: Lella Vignelli—a book of love that her husband Massimo edited in 2013, just few weeks before passing away. The book is a compendium of Lella’s contributions to design. Born out of a conversation with Massimo, our longtime friend, the article was entitled “The Realist and the Dreamer,” where “The Realist” was Lella—not his muse, but his wife and life-long professional partner. Massimo wanted the book to be an inspiration to all women, and circulated it free on the Internet. “For years,” Massimo wrote in his introduction, “the collaboration between female architects and designers and their partners has been under-appreciated …” And, he maintained, Lella had always been the hard rock behind his dreams: “consistent throughout her career; unfailingly intelligent; rigorous, not arbitrary; timeless, not trendy.”
  • Events: Reports
    I. I.(November 30, 2015)
    This upcoming December comes with a series of events: a retrospective of filmmaker Antonio Pietrangeli, in collaboration with Luce Cinecittà and the best of contemporary filmmaking in Italy, in collaboration with Rai Cinema. And 10 Italian Stories" a table book created in collaboration with Rai Eri (RAI's publishing company), which includes the best images taken from the backstage of the 10 movies that were donated to MoMA.
  • A conversation about the life of Medardo Rosso (Turin, 1858 - Milan, 1928), and his relationship to New York. i-Italy talks to Laura Mattioli, Founder and President of the Center for Italian Modern Art, and Danila Marsule Rosso, President of the Museo Medardo Rosso and the sculptor’s greatgranddaughter.
  • Massimiliano Finazzer Flory’s special movie co-produced by i-ItalyTV portrays the founder of the Futurist movement as he journeys between Brooklyn and Manhattan. To the project have passionately contributed Letizia Airos, Mattia Minasi ad Matteo Banfo, taking the i-Italy team to meet a new challenge. And New York City, the perfect translation of Marinetti’s project, definitely played its part too. Stay tuned!