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  • It is no surprise that anti-immigrant rhetoric is a vote getter. Latest opinion polls show that the Lega of Matteo Salvini, just now threatening to expel the Romani ethnic people, or Roma, has overtaken Luigi Di Maio's Movimento Cinque Stelle, even though in national general elections only three months ago the Five Stars won 15% more than the Lega.
  • The Italian Academy at Columbia University has presented a round table discussion, co-sponsored, with the European Institute, the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, and the Center for American Studies in Rome, by the name Food Security, Globalization and Sustainability focusing on the legacy of Expo Milano 2015. Among the participants, Maurizio Martina, Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food, and Forestry Policies.
  • Expo Milano 2015 has planned a special welcome to all Italians living abroad and all foreign citizens of Italian origin to experience an exciting return to their homeland. The “Made of Italians” initiative, which was launched across the world on June 2nd, and represented parallel to the Fancy Food Show, offers travelers and visitors special rates for travel to Italy and exceptional discounts