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  • The World Bridge project will come to New York this November
    This November, Italian writer Maurizio De Giovanni will launch the crowdfunding campaign in support of a project created by Mimì De Maio called “The World Bridge - New York Napoli 2016.”
  • Stefania Giannini, the Italian Minister of Education, at the Italian Consulate in NYC
    Interview in New York with the Minister of Education, Universities, and Research – Stefania Giannini. “I believe that now more than ever, the key words of the education and school systems – as well as society as a whole – are openness, inclusion, and equality. Through my political action, inspired by what I would call a liberal vision of the world, I’m trying to affirm these principles.”
  • Facts & Stories
    (December 05, 2012)
    At the starting line is the i-Italy|NY network, a magazine and television show dedicated to Italian New York. Presented last Friday at the Consulate General of Italy in New York, i-Italy|NY is a dual publishing initiative inspired by Italy and dedicated to the U.S. marketplace, specifically New York City. i-Italy | NY includes a monthly magazine and a weekly television program about everything Itali an in New York.
  • Many thinkers are trying to give an explanation to the economic crisis that is hurting us all and to bring hope for a solution. Among these Don Gennaro Matino's voice is different. And goes beyond religion. The Neapolitan priest and intellectual has shed some light on his ideas and solution at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò during the presentation of his latest book, “Economia della crisi. Il bene dell’uomo contro la dittatura dello spread” (Baldini & Castoldi)
  • Pino Daniele - Napule è (Dal Film "Passione" di John Turturro)
    Analyzing the importance of Naples as a source of artistic inspiration, Turturro’s “Passione” is a remarkable case-study: the Italian-American director decided to embark on a journey of discovery of Naples’ music and musicality. From the “bel canto” tradition to the newest popular sounds, Turturro documents the immense cultural heritage of Neapolitan music, and does so by directly involving Neapolitan artists in the process. Among these artists is Pino Daniele. The sound of Naples permeates the musical DNA of Pino Daniele, from the debut album “Terra Mia” to the latest works. His songs echo Mediterranean vibrations, mixing the Neapolitan dialect’s peculiar musicality to influences from different genres. The result is a unique “world music” sound, his creative hallmark, also characterizing his latest record, “La Grande Madre,” released last March, about which Daniele will answer questions at Casa Italiana.
  • 2012 New York International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Reflections on indifference and forgetfulness between musical notes as the names of families deported to Auschwitz are read on Park Avenue. Against the ever-present risk of non-acceptance of the “Other.”
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    Letizia Airos(January 12, 2011)
    An interview with Ron before his New York concert. “I love contact with the public, I get bored in the recording studio” His long career of successes and difficulties. X Factor and music publishers today