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  • Fatti e Storie
    Valeria Di Giuliano(May 04, 2017)
    Lunedì 1 maggio ha inaugurato al Cherry Lane Theater la quinta edizione del Festival "In Scena!". La serata è stata dedicata ai novant'anni del drammaturgo di origini aquilane Mario Fratti. Abbiamo chiesto ad alcuni dei suoi amici e collaboratori di condividere con noi un ricordo o un aneddoto legati al drammaturgo.
  • In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY, the first Italian theater festival that takes place in the city's five boroughs, is having its first Winter edition. Indeed the international theater festival, launched by Kairos Italy Theater and Kit Italia, that takes place at the beginning of the summer, is adding the dates February 4-7 to its calendar. They are re-presenting two shows that were featured in past editions: “Niuiòrc Niuiòrc” and “L’Italia s’è desta” at hte Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside.
  • Theater for the New City is about to present the American premiere of "Dealers of Souls" by Italian playwright Alberto Bassetti. It is a mystical play that dramatizes the struggle, real and supernatural, to block the appropriation of a theater for a supermarket.
  • Organized by Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò's theater company in residence, Kairos Italy Theater, and co-hosted with the Italian Cultural Institute, Pasolini 1975-2015 was a special treat for admirers of all ages. A surprise after the other provided additional insight into the life and art of the beloved Italian director. Among the guests, Gabriella Maione who starred in The Decameron and Guy Flatley who interviewed Pasolini back in 1969 while he was in New York.
  • On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini's death, Kairos Italy Theater, Casa Italiana Theater Company in Residence, presents a celebration of his life in New York and of his influence over the work of future generations.
  • The winner of the first Mario Fratti Award for Emerging Italian Authors, a program of the In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY, is "Via Dei Capocci" by Carlotta Corradi. The play, a story of prostitution that jumps from present to past, will be staged as a reading on June 23 at 7:00 PM at Theater for the New City (155 First Ave.) as an event of the Festival.
  • After presenting Machiavelli's La Mandragola, YoungKit, a branch of KIT, Kairos Italy Theater, Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo's Theater Company in residence, will present, on March 6th at 6.30 pm, Boccaccio's The Decameron, a collection of novellas that document Italian life in the 14th century. We met Laura Caparrotti, artistic director of Kairos Italy Theater, and the actors
  • The WorldWideLab is a truly international collective, with members who are creating dynamic, diverse and engaging work in every corner of the globe. Twelve theater directors, including one from Italy, Laura Caparrotti, are proving that through theater, borders can become inconsequential.