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  • A solo exhibition of the Italian artist and kinetic and op art innovator Franco Costalonga at the GR gallery. On view, thirty of his works from the Seventies until today, including his best known series “Oggetti Cromocinetici”, “Riflex”, “Gradienti di Luminosità” and “Mokubi”.
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    M. T,(March 24, 2016)
    At GR gallery a retrospective of Italian artist and kinetic art pioneer Alberto Biasi, featuring over thirty of his most famous works from the late Sixties until today, from his best known series “Rilievi Ottico- Dinamici”, “Torsioni”, Assemblaggi and his interactive installation "Eco-ombre" 1974-2014, for the first time on view in the US. The exhibition is curated by GR gallery's founder Giovanni Granzotto and its Director Alberto Pasini.
  • Unlimited Perception, solo show by the master of optical illusions Alberto Biasi, just came to its conclusion. A journey through kinetic art, playing with different materials, lights, and shadows. De Buck gallery opened its doors to a truly contemporary show that stems from the works Maestro Biasi created starting from the late 70’s up to 2012. Highly modern and experimental, these canvases confirm Alberto Biasi’s artistic greatness.