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  • Gianmaria Testa - Nuovo
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    Maya Paula(April 26, 2013)
    An exciting performance coming to the Big Apple on Saturday, May 4th at the famous downtown's Joe’s Pub. The beauty of Gianmaria Testa's music exists in the simplicity of his poetic lyrics and soft, welcoming beats. A renowned artist in all of Europe already, Testa will now enthrall American listeners during his New York concert.
  • A concert at Joe's Pub in NoHo to present his latest album in front of an international public; a glass of wine and a long chat in SoHo. During our moments spent in New York together with Gianmaria Testa we listen and talk about love, roots and travels, about Europe and America... Then we return to Italy, to its political, cultural and social issues, to its transformations and the new problems to be faced. First of all, immigration
  • Marco Calliari will launch the new album “Italia” by Putamayo at Joe’s Pub on May 18. The project is a tribute to classical Italian music of the 1950s and features a collaboration among Italian contemporary singers. We interviewed Marco, a Canadian artist of Italian origins that believes in the universality of the feeling of “italianità”.