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  • Art & Culture
    Natasha Lardera(November 18, 2014)
    Lights from the Dark. Mafia and Antimafia: pictures for an inventory, is an itinerant exhibition strongly desired by the Fondazione Italiana per la Legalità e lo Sviluppo "Generale CC Ignazio Milillo" (Italian Foundation for Legality and Development "General of the Carabinieri Army Ignazio Milillo"), composed by pictures referring to key and dramatic mafia-related events and to unforgettable victories of the State against the mafia, that is on view at the Italian Cultural Institute.
  • "The perverse logic of a political system which appears still uneven and far from genuine democracy, still is a great obstacle to the generous attempts for eradicating the Mafia and its complicity. Even today, like yesterday, the situation needs to be constantly controlled"
  • Italy's National Association of Migrant Families (ANFE), is in New York for the Italian Heritage and Culture Month with a very busy ageda of meetings, conferences, and encounters. All the events scheduled are dedicated to the figure of Joe Petrosino and to the theme of legality and anti-Mafia struggle in Sicily and in Italy more generally. Participating in the events are the Governor of Sicily Hon. Raffaele Lombardo, the National Anti-Mafia Attorney Mr. Pietro Grasso, and well-known jurnalists, academics, and musicians from Italy and the U.S.