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  • 'I want this to become a home for all of those who love Italy in New York". Interview with Professor Stefano Albertini, Director of the Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo', on the eve of the institution's 20th Anniversary. The Casa will close this successful year with two exceptional events and is getting ready to celebrate its important milestone with an exciting, interesting and varied range of initiatives. Read more about it in the article and get ready to live a new intense cultural year in the Italian workshop of NYU!
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    Valentina Barretta(May 05, 2010)
    Michele Scicolone, gastronomy expert, and Lou di Palo and Louis Coluccio Jr., owners of two important Italian stores in NYC, were guests @ Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò (NYU) as part of the GRI series "Genuinely Italian"
  • "I did a restaurant that I think is what the consumer wants today. I give them quality and use only the best ingredients. The dining room has an open kitchen, it creates a lot of movement in the restaurant, like a theater where you can eat well." Interview with Tony and Marisa May, owners of the recently opened SD26, a stylish and contemporary Italian restaurant and wine bar located in the heart of Manhattan
  • Genuinely Italian, the long-awaited marriage between Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Gruppo Ristoratori Italiani (GRI). The project will consist of a series of events, lectures, presentations, and a final seminar devoted to the debate on the culture of Italian food and wine which will bring participants into the real world of cooking in the bel Paese in America today