You chose: ground zero

  • Life & People
    (September 09, 2011)
    Next September 11, we will be observing a minute of Silence. On our Facebook page, we have created an event to publicize our initiative taking place at 10:30 sharp, Eastern time. More than one thousand people will be attending, and the number grows by the minute. You are welcome to attend too. Please join us now!
  • Art & Culture
    Natasha Lardera(September 07, 2011)
    As soon as she heard, Italian photographer and mixed media artist Annalisa Iadicicco grabbed her camera and ran on the streets of trendy Soho to do what she does best... take pictures. She was able to catch the last glimpses of the North Tower as it was crumbling on the ground.
  • Where were you on that day? This question is related to a particular date in the "important history". There are few events that are memorable to the point of making you ask: where were you on that day? That Tuesday of September has tragically become one of them. Years have passed by, and I finally realized that this question is even more meaningful today, and that's because that date marks a turning point in the lives of all of us. I was there, close to those towers on 9/11. Or better, I was almost close... luckily. Just five minutes before the first plane crashed, in fact, I had walked through the World Trade Center to take the Path to go to NJ. I still remember the rays of son breaking through the skyscrapers' windows, the blue sky shining above me while I walked down the few blocks that separated my apartment from that mall, a place that was so much part of my daily life. I used to buy my morning coffee and my NY Times there. I had the feeling of meeting the same people and faces every day. People with whom I exchanged knowing smiles; people who little by little became part of my life. Those were common faces of common people to whom history played a dirty trick on that day. We forget too often that life is made of simple stories, of common people who often pay in place of others, who are casual victims of a destiny decided by strangers. This is why I decided to publish a special article to commemorate this 9th anniversary. You will read a common story, that is at the same time far and close to the facts of 9/11. Benedetta, a young collaborator of i-Italy, is only 22; on that day she was in Italy, at school. What was she doing? How did those happenings affect her lighthearted life? Read what she has to say, it is worth it . (Letizia Airos, Editor in Chief)
  • "I wrote this a few weeks ago but the intolerance is growing... The most venomous blabber so far has been the Newt's equating of Moslems to NAZIs and 9/11 to the Shoah. Given his recently reported conversion to Roman Catholicism, I assume the next Newt revision is the Inquisition and the Crusades and then, I assume, there is more to come. In Europe such Newtish hate mongering gets quickly labeled neo- or not-so-neo-Fascism. Here in the USA it simply gets iterated to the point of Foxy 'fair and balanced' 'facts.' ... But a far more serious threat to the usually 'tolerant' climate of New York City is the real, but mostly imaginary, insults used by intolerance mongers to sell one or another politically partisan product such as a plethora of pandering candidates for local or statewide office..."