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  • Among many other figures, the Great Navigator has found himself caught in the mad rush to seek out detested statues dedicated to controversial individuals in American history. Columbus has more than 5 monuments in the city, one of which being the centerpiece of Columbus Circle that is currently the center of controversy. We went to the rally at City Hall organized by City Councilor Joseph Borelli.
  • Un momento della manifestazione sulla scalinata del Comune di New York
    Nella folle corsa alla caccia di statue detestate dedicate a personaggi controversi della storia americana, è incappato anche il Grande Navigatore che di monumenti a lui dedicati a New York ne conta 5, oltre a quello del centralissimo Columbus Circle, attualmente nell’occhio del ciclone. Siamo andati al rally oper lui a City Hall, organizzato dal consigliere comunale Joseph Borelli
  • Among the the European Union's 28 members, all but Italy and a handful of East European countries do not yet recognize civil unions, and the EU has been prodding Italy toward taking action. This Thursday the Italian Parliament begins debate on a divisive bill that would make civil unions fully legal, over Catholic opposition.
  • Federica Mogherini, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, meets mayor Bill de Blasio at City Hall. The New York mayor clearly proclaims his Italian-ness in an open and proud manner by kicking off the meeting speaking Italian. Minister Mogherini underscore responds: " Italy is a superpower in terms of presence around the world, and we need to empower this huge resource we have. Building bridges with a strong leader like you in this part of the world is part of that process"
  • City Hall Abruzzo Earthquake
    Two days after the Abruzzo earthquake, members of the Italian American caucus of the New York City Council call upon everybody, regardless of their ethnic background, to assist with the relief effort