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    Anthony Paonita(July 19, 2013)
    Perugia. Pasticceria Sandri is closed. It is a shock. It was an icon, a Viennese style bar-caffè that anchors the Corso Vannucci. But it’s time for Umbria Jazz. For a week, the city becomes a big party, the Corso Vannucci a combination dance floor, parade crowd, and kitchen ...
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    Natasha Lardera(November 21, 2012)
    Let your imagination run wild, whatever you think about, it can be done with chocolate... try pairing it with vegetables and even pasta! Italy's premiere chocolate brand, Perugina, partners up with renown chocolate expert Francine Segan in a series of mouthwatering classes held at EatalyNY
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    Iwona Adamczyk(May 28, 2012)
    Perugina School of Chocolate in collaboration with Eataly's Scuola Grande gives an opportunity to become an "Artista del Gusto" without having to travel to Italy. First classes were held this past Mother's Day and were a great success and loads of fun!
  • Celebrating Fashion Week and Valentine's Day, Italian Trade Commission's Fashion of the Vine Project treated New Yorkers with fine Italian wines, Baci Perugina and a preview of La Perla's latest collection.