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  • Short Italian Tales #2 - Anna Sammarone
    The Girl Who Made Her Passion Her Job is back to New York from Molise. "Larino (my hometown) is a fantastic place. Everything is small, attainable. The tailors are nearby and the people are special. They believed in me. They gave their hearts. Without them I could not have done anything" Hand made in Italy. With honesty, integrity, authenticity. Her new collection evokes past times by emphasizing the sense of elegance and sophistication.
  • We meet Anna Sammarone, a young designer and entrepreneur who has shown her creations in New York every season since 2009. From Larino, a small town in the Molise region, Anna presents her collection made with passion and creativity. The clothes are destined to have staying power: “I want my clothes to last. I create designs that are not limited by time or season.”