The Marcello Giordani Foundation Launches Young Talents into Opera

Carmen Cutugno (June 18, 2010)
With a gala night in New York, Tenor Marcello Giordani celebrated the birth of the Marcello Giordani Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging opera singers.

“I was born in Augusta, a small Sicilian city, and since I did not have big economic possibilities, it was not easy for me to study and cultivate my talent. My parents made many sacrifices to help and sustain me, so I promised my father that, if one day I should become famous I would help young people to succeed!”

With these words, on May 7, on the occasion of the official launching of the Marcello Giordani Foundation at the New York Athletic Club, the Sicilian tenor explained the reason for this non-profit organization, the intent of which is in fact to assist and support promising young opera singers.

More than a quarter century has gone by since he made that promise to his father, and today, while Marcello Giordani is about to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his career debut, he looks sensitively proud to present to the New York public what he defines as“the most important step in my career: the creation of a Foundation which allows me to transmit to new generations all my experience and all my passion towards Opera.”

“From the start I have never considered my job as a 'proper' job, but rather as an authentic mission! – Giordani explains – […] I have always thought that having an “important” voice is a Godsend, and that it is a pity if you keep it only for yourself: instead you have to share it with others. […] If it is true that you were born with a talent, however, it is also true you have to work hard to make it proliferate: but this is not always easy! This is the reason why you need help. Without others’ generosity you can't go anywhere!”

And in fact the entire fundraising night, conceived to launch the MGF (Marcello Giordani Foundation) and to make its intents and goals clearly known, was exclusively focused on the generosity of those present, and first of all on their love of Opera.

The Foundation – continued the Maestro - will organize and promote master classes, seminars and summer programs both in the US and abroad, and will assign financial supports, scholarships and awards to young singers from all over the world, whose talents are the basis for the future of Opera”.

The gala evening offered a proof of the skills of some of these young talents, who performed pieces by Verdi, Bellini, Gounod and Puccini. The concert reached its climax when Marcello Giordani's expert and mature voice delighted the audience with the Neapolitan Tu ca nun chiagne by De Curtis, followed by Nessun Dorma by Puccini.

An exciting and highly anticipated moment of the evening was the call (from Milan) with legendary soprano Magda Olivero. In fact, on the occasion of her centenary, she was awarded the Marcello Giordani career prize.

Marcello Giordani Foundation
110 West 90th Street # 5 E
New York, NY 10024
[email protected]
Tel. 917 423 5559





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