Iom Romì (A Day in Rome) Screens at the New York Jewish Film Festival

After a strong November debut at the Pitigliani Kolno’s Festival in Rome, director Valerio Ciriaci’s film Iom Romi (A Day in Rome) will be screened at Film Society of Lincoln Center on Jan. 21 (4:30pm). Ciriaci will hold a Q&A session at the end of the film, joined by executive producers Natalia Idrimi and Alessandro Cassin.

The screening is featured as part of the 27th annual New York Jewish Film Festival, a partnership of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Jewish Museum in presenting films from around the world that explore the diversity of the Jewish experience. The festival runs from Jan. 10 until Jan. 23 at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater.

A short-from documentary, Iom Romi focuses on the longstanding Jewish community of Italy’s capital. The film follows a  day in the life of today’s Jewish community in Rome, one which has moved for centuries between persecution and integration. Jews are the only minority in the metropolis that can trace their descent uninterrupted since the times of the ancient empire. The film’s story is told through several voices, each living and working in the city’s historic Ghetto quarter, documenting the unique identity, rituals and traditions of this Roman element of the Jewish diaspora.   

The approximately 30-minute documentary is the most recent collaboration between Centro Primo Levi and Awen Films production company. Previous projects by the duo include the web-doc series CPL minidocs and the film If Only I Were That Warrior, which won the 2016 Italian Golden Globe.

Iom Romi was created simultaneously with the opening of The Rome Lab at the Center for Jewish History in New York, a video-installation and learning space presented by Centro Primo Levi and the Jewish Museum of Rome.  

Two successive films will also be played after the documentary: Della Seta Home Movies​ (CSC -Cineteca di Stato, Italy, 10 min) and Counterlight​ (Maya Zack, Israel, 24 min).  

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