Emilio Cavallini's Genius Comes to D.C.

Nicole Campisano (March 08, 2018)
The world renowned artist and fashion designer is coming to Washington D.C this May. His contemporary artworks will be exhibited at both the Italian Embassy and IA&A at Hillyer from May 4 through May 27.

Emilio Cavallini, the famed Italian fashion designer, is also known for his bright, and contemporary artworks.  His eye-catching dynamic wall sculptures will be displayed in Washington D.C this May.

The Exhibitions

It will be Cavallini's first solo exhibit in the nation's capital.  You can find his works at both the Embassy of Italy where 3 large sculptures will be presented, entitled Objectual Abstractions, and at the IA&A at Hillyer where there will be a retrospective of 20 works, including art from his best-known projects: Attuale-Infinito, Biforcazioni, Frattali, and Diagrammi.  The opening of his exhibits will take place at the IA&A at Hillyer from 6 pm to 9pm, and excitingly Cavallini will be in attendance.

He uses both bright, and grayscale colors in his wall sculptures.  His intricate designs are often made with unconventional media, like nylon yarns, printed fabrics, and even the tights he designs.  Using applied math, and geometry, the artist makes various lines, and shapes to create his three-dimensional art.

Cavallini: the Artist and Designer

Born in San Minato in 1945, Emilio Cavallini started his own company, Stilnovo Spa in 1970.  There he produced for huge fashion labels such as Balenciaga, and Gucci.  He has received many Italian honors and awards, such as the Leone d’Oro for his creativity and innovation, as well as the “Knight of Industry” which is a national honor.  As a designer, he is best known for his hosiery.  Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Emma Stone are just a few who are known to wear his tights.

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