After Image: Traveling Through Different Dimensions

Joelle Grosso (February 28, 2017)
Cassina Projects is hosting a new exhibition curated by ARTUNER called "After Image" which features the works of Toby Ziegler and Paul Kneale, two artists who navigate between the physical and digital world.

The trendy Cassina Projects gallery in Chelsea is known for fostering a cross-cultural dialogue through the promotion of international contemporary artists. Their latest exhibition After Image presents the striking work of Toby Ziegler and Paul Kneale who are constantly moving between material and cyber realms. Even though their approaches are drastically different, both employ strategies that challenge the reading of transmitted images while simultaneously disrupting the basic reality claims of reproductive technology. They share a concern for how to critically continue the discourse of painting, embracing the revolutionary technological capabilities that have decisively altered the public reception of the medium.

What is  “After Image”?

ARTUNER is an online art platform created to fulfill the needs of collectors, provide exclusive access to curated exhibitions, and offer art for sale. With this exhibition, both ARTUNER and Cassina Projects hope to bring the idea of “after image” to life. The term refers to an image that continues to appear in one’s vision even after the exposure of the original visual has ceased. An example of this is when you stare into the brightness of your smartphone for a few minutes and then an optical echo of the screen remains momentarily when you close your eyes. The concept fits this exhibition perfectly because Ziegler and Kneale allow their viewers to get lost in a mystical world that blurs the lines of what is real and what is surreal.

Who is Toby Ziegler?

Toby Ziegler is an English artist who looks at the digital domain but focuses primarily on its semiotic interplay. His intriguing method involves carefully reproducing his digitalized images entirely by hand. By fusing the boldness of graphic design with the spontaneity of painterly expression, his pieces are the result of a fascinating mix of traditional composition and digital mystification. Ziegler has had several solo exhibitions all over the world including the PKM Gallery in Seoul, Galerie Max Hetzler in Paris, and the Simon Lee Gallery in his native London. 

Who is Paul Kneale?

Paul Kneale is a Canadian artist who now lives and works in London. With the use of scanners, the initial phases of Kneale’s work leave a great amount to chance but as the procedure develops, the artist gains control and begins to delicately construct an image where multiple tiers overlap imperfectly. Given that human vision is frequently reinforced by digital apparatuses in this day and age, Kneale looks into the mechanics of this intricate process at its most basic level. He has been featured in the Rubell Family Collection in Miami and the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art last year while also teaching at the Zurich University of Art

For those who are interested in viewing these gorgeous pieces up close, After Image will be on display at Cassina Projects in Chelsea from February 28th until April 15th. For more information, please visit their website:





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