In Support of Ai.Bi

Cesare Baccheschi (October 17, 2011)
Design icon Alessi sponsors “Amici dei Bambini,” an Italian NGO engaged in fighting child abandonment, which the United Nations has called “the fourth humanitarian emergency of the Twenty-first Century.”

On the 20th of October at 6pm, in the Alessi store at 130 Greene Street, there will be an event in support of the activities of Ai.Bi, an Italian NGO which recently opened an office in New York City.

Ai.Bi ( stands for “Amici dei Bambini” which can be translated as “Friends of Children.” This organization was founded in 1983 by Marco Griffini and Irene Bertuzzi, and since then it expanded all over the Italian territory but also outside the borders of Europe, opening 33 branches in 25 countries such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Congo, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and many others.

Alice Camparini, CEO of Ai.Bi. inc. was reached for an interview to better explain what are the goals of the organization and to give us some insights of the upcoming event. “Ai.Bi decided to open an office in the United States for three important reasons: first of all, one of our main goals is to monitor the system on national adoption and protection of children and adolescents at risk. In the USA there are 500.000 children and adolescents outside their families living in a condition of temporary foster care. Our organization decided to try to interact with the American adoption system and to offer new opportunities to those children, putting them in contact with Italian families. Another important goal is to start a consistent project of fund raising in order to support some of the most important projects of Ai.Bi on an international level such as Kenya, Peru, Cambodia and Italy.”

Alice added that representing Ai.Bi within the United Nations and to strengthen its presence within the ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council), of which it has been part for a long time, are other essential goals. The principal role of this organization is to discuss and formulate policies that are addressed in the United Nations system. In this context, Ai.Bi. advocates the rights of abandoned children.

Ai.Bi.'s office in United State is quite new. It was founded approximately 3 years ago, and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Alice states that one of the plans for the near future of the organization is to “strengthen the executive council, but also to widen the support coming from volunteers and supporters giving the chance to those interested to collaborate with us and support the right of every children to grow in a normal family.”

 Ai.Bi. found a very supportive partner in Alessi, in many projects of the past and for the upcoming ones, in fact, as Alice says, “Alessi’s help has been fundamental for the realization of the event that will take place on October 20th.” Alessi offered the space and also donated some products for the Silent Auction in support of the activities of Ai.Bi. It also helped with the advertisement of the event and, one of the company's managers, Silvia Kramar, is a member of the board of Directors of the NGO.

In conclusion, it is very important to support the upcoming event of the 20th. There will be the opportunity, for whoever is interested, to know something more about Ai.Bi's activities all around the world. Alice, in fact, will talk about her experience in Brazil with Ai.Bi. and will show some videos related with the activities of the Ngo. This is also a very interesting and stimulating example of partnership between an Italian Ngo and a major Italian company that work together not only for business but also to make this world a better place for everybody. Please RSVP by October 18th. For additional information: [email protected].





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