Beatrice Scaccia | Call the Bluff

M. T. (May 06, 2016)
Call the Bluff @ Cara Gallery, a visual narrative by Italian born artist Beatrice Scaccia specifically designed for the gallery space. The artist’s first exhibition will present a new body of work. A sequence of large drawings (made with graphite, gesso, and wax applied with an iron) and a series of small works on panel, act as an antechamber for the presentation of the artist’s sizable paintings on canvas, which have never been exhibited to the public before.

Always interested in randomness and repetition as an expression of human existentiality, Scaccia’s most recent work develops her personal investigation of identity, awareness and inauthentic existence, displaying characters suspended in a state of indecision between the mutual interaction or resistance, frozen in the incompleteness of their actions.

Born and raised in a solid painting background, Scaccia’s study of the human figure reports elements of the Renaissance and late Eighteenth Century.

A fragmented story emerges through the almost “frame by frame” sequence of Scaccia’s work, expressing the idea that repetition can also create a sense of instability.
In her work identities, genders and ages are lost behind oversized coats, striped patterns and futile but unavoidable and unpredictable movements.

Scaccia's work has often been described as “frames loaded with movement, coming from a missing film” and yet in these canvases, for the first time, there is a richer and more layered composition. It is like being in front of some overturned tableaux vivants where a group of overwhelmed performers are blocked in their movements and in their delusion-illusion of coexisting.

Through a fresh and original approach, Call the Bluff reveals the unsubstantial, the unreality, the vacuum, and the pantomime.
Paintings, drawings, and sketches are accompanied by an installation of ceramics by Japanese artist Toshiaki Noda.

About the artist:
Beatrice Scaccia was born in Veroli, Frosinone in 1978. She studied and taught in Rome, at the Academy of Arts, before moving to New York in 2011. She has worked as painter at Jeff Koons Studio. Her work has been the subject of solo shows in the United States and abroad. She has also been included in some group exhibitions at institutions and museums internationally, such as the National Cultural Institute, Seoul; The Crocetti Foundation, Rome; the Pan Museum, Naples, the Palaexpo, Rome and the Golden Thread, Belfast. She currently lives and works in New York.

About Cara Gallery:
Founded by siblings Irene and Marco Cassina, the two seek to promote a more global art awareness.

The young and vibrant team offers up a fresh perspective on the art world.
Hailing from Milan, Italy, the founders have experienced life and work around the world. They share the goal of fostering a more global discourse amongst art world denizens.

The gallery is committed to seek out and support an ongoing intellectual and visual dialogue with contemporary artists. Presenting a wide variety of media, including painting, drawing, installation, photography and sculpture, the criteria need be solely work that is strong, engaging and relevant.





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