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  • Veltroni alla manifestazione del Pd al Circo Massimo
    Acres of people filled Rome’s enormous Circus Maximus to protest the government and listen to the leader of Italy’s Democratic Party Walter Veltroni. Government cuts to education are high on the demonstrators’ agenda; so are racism and xenophobia.
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    Damiano Beltrami(September 22, 2008)
    CUNY Graduate Center: Walter Veltroni, leader of the Italian Democratic Party, talks about American elections, the future of the European Union and the alarming fear of immigration in Italy.
  • Prime Minister Berlusconi inaugurates his fourth term and announces his ministerial posts. The choices for his circle of 21 ministers reveal some predictable tactical determinations, while a few of his newbies have yet to prove their political value. No one can accuse the PM of having assembled a boring cast
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    (April 15, 2008)
    Ironically for a system of proportional representation, the election appeared to have eliminated from the scene most of the small parties. Apparently only six parties will take up seats in the House.
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    di Maria Rita Latto(April 01, 2008)
    The international edition of Newsweek dedicates the cover of its April 7 issue to the Italian elections. There is a rather frightening photomontage representing a character called “Veltrusconi”...
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    Judith Harris(January 16, 2008)
    Spin - Giro, v.i. girare, trottolare. No less than elsewhere, Italians know that the real meaning of “spin” is the news equivalent of food additives: however toxic the effects, it all looks and tastes better...
  • Many parts of the Eternal City are deeply involved in the second edition of the Rome Cinema Fest (18-27 October) that will bring 167 titles including films, documentaries and retrospectives, 24 tributes and meetings with directors, authors and writers, 15 videos, 12 international projects and 14 movies by debutant directors in the New Cinema Network section. And more...