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  • According to Peter Stastny, director of the documentary "Redemption Blues," redemption “is reaching out for something that you cannot reach, but at least you make the effort,” while music, in particular playing with other Jewish musicians in New York, is that personal “place where you can move forward in a Jewish way even if you are not religious.” In his movie, presented yesterday at NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo’, Stastny explores what redemption means for the last survivors of the Holocaust. Often people who belong to the second generation, like him, feel the weight of that tragedy, the Shoah, but might spend their life with parents or relatives who never wanted to talk about what happened, like the director’s mother.
  • January 27th is the Giorno della Memoria, or International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which pays tribute to the victims who tragically lost their lives during the Nazi-Fascist persecution more than 80 years ago.
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    Natasha Lardera(February 03, 2014)
    The Longest Journey: the deportation of the Jews of Rhodes, by filmmaker Ruggero Gabbai and based on research conducted by Liliana Picciotto and Marcello Pezzetti, is a documentary that weaves together testimonies of three Jews who have survived Auschwitz – Stella Levi, Sami Modiano and Albert Israel. The film was presented at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo in collaboration with the Primo Levi Center as part of the program dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • 2012 New York International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Reflections on indifference and forgetfulness between musical notes as the names of families deported to Auschwitz are read on Park Avenue. Against the ever-present risk of non-acceptance of the “Other.”