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    Maria Rita Latto(January 22, 2011)
    Tullia Zevi died Saturday at the age of 92. She was one of the historic post-war leaders of Italy's Jews and the only woman to ever hold the post of president of the country's Jewish communities. i-Italy met her two years ago. It was an honor for us. Here we re-publish that interview, where she talked about her life and her anti-Fascist militancy in New York.
  • "I wrote this a few weeks ago but the intolerance is growing... The most venomous blabber so far has been the Newt's equating of Moslems to NAZIs and 9/11 to the Shoah. Given his recently reported conversion to Roman Catholicism, I assume the next Newt revision is the Inquisition and the Crusades and then, I assume, there is more to come. In Europe such Newtish hate mongering gets quickly labeled neo- or not-so-neo-Fascism. Here in the USA it simply gets iterated to the point of Foxy 'fair and balanced' 'facts.' ... But a far more serious threat to the usually 'tolerant' climate of New York City is the real, but mostly imaginary, insults used by intolerance mongers to sell one or another politically partisan product such as a plethora of pandering candidates for local or statewide office..."
  • On November 4, Lia Levi will present her book 'The Jewish Husband' at the Center for Jewish History in New York. It provides a poignant reflection on the far-reaching consequences of Mussolini's anti-Jewish legislation of 1938. It illustrates the way fiction can serve as emotionally powerful shorthand for biographical memory and historical accounts...
  • In America, millions are sitting around the television and watching the U.S. Senate confirmation hearings the way they watched the recent Major League Baseball All Star Game. It is the bottom of the ninth inning and the home team is way ahead. Sonia Maria Sotomayor is up at bat and facing down the screwballing pitcher, Jeff Sessions, who has been thowing lots of junk at her. Most of America is rooting for her to hit it out of the ballpark but others, especially firefighters and gun-toting Pro-Lifers, want her to strike out. Even in metaphoric language, it is difficult to explain to Italians why high-level American politicians are so concerned about who is and who isn’t a Federal Judge.