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  • The Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio (TPC), Italy’s “Art Squad” and the world’s first specialist police force in this sector, celebrates its 50th Anniversary with an exhibition held at the Quirinal Palace in Rome.
  • Neapolitan presepe on display at Palazzo Quirinale
    “Il Presepe. Religiosità e Tradizione Popolare” is currently on display at the Palazzina Gregoriana del Quirinale in Rome as a celebration of both the holiday season and fine Italian artistry.
  • The Italian-Swiss Balzan Foundation Hosts Interdisciplinary Prize Ceremony At Quirinale. The Balzan prize in the sciences and the humanities is the Italian-Swiss answer to the Nobel Prize. Like the Nobel, it recognizes supreme achievements in a host of different sectors. The nature of the fields for the 2012 prizes was that each winner worked in a interdisciplinary way, much the opposite of the push to specialization or better, marrying specializations in a number of fields.
  • No matter the outcome of this final match, Italy was undisputed protagonist of this championship. Remembering the past inglorious performances at 2010 World Cup nobody would have expected that the Italian team could grow so much within a few years and arrive so easily to the Final of Euro 2012.
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    Judith Harris(December 01, 2011)
    As a culmination of this year’s celebrations of 150 years of Italian unification, the monumental doors to a series of magnificent halls, which overlook the main square on one side and the interior court of honor on the other, are being opened to visitors for an unusual exhibition, free of charge to all comers, to last just three months
  • Premier-Designate Mario Monti is often described in the media as Super Mario or Sober Mario. His government has had the support of banks, universities and the Roman Catholic Chruch