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  • Given the unfortunate hot breakfast drink metaphors "Tea Party" and "Coffee Party" that have been brewed to simplify the already simple-minded partisan political debate in American politics over the past year, I have resorted to a "Cappuccino" allusion in this column to ask the non-musical question: “What does the election of Andrew Cuomo mean for New York State’s Italian Americans?" My informed guess is that, like his father Mario, Andy knows he owes little to the Italian American voter.
  • Art & Culture
    Benedetta Grasso(October 22, 2010)
    At the Italian Cultural Institute, during the event “Lezioni Americane: Libri Come” Nathan Englander and Antonio Monda discussed the author’s approach to writing as well as upcoming projects
  • Op-Eds
    Jerry Krase(October 13, 2010)
    This year's reflection on the Columbus Day Parade in New York City has become much more problematic as at least one of the Italian American characters who was proudly marching in it has attracted more flak than Christopher did in 1992. To find out who it was you must read the rest of the article.
  • HitWeek
    In this audio interview one year ago in Los Angeles (see above) Francesco Del Maro told our correspondent Darrell Fusaro about his newborn creature called (H)itWeek. One year later Francesco's original festival of Italian musical creativity comes to New York with the sponsorship of Italy's Ministry of Youth, MTV Italia and others. And i-Italy is one of its media partners...
  •   Elena Luongo
    “The Democratic Party must become the party of the people, of a united people, of common people who embrace modern ideas and progress. You Italians living abroad are among our greatest assets and we are willing to support your requests” The leader of the Democratic Party, Pierluigi Bersani, meets the Italian community in New York at the San Cono club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Facts & Stories
    (May 28, 2010)
    The Columbus Citizens Foundation has just pledged $500.000 to help fund the AP Program in Italian Language and Culture which has been recently discontinued
  • I-Italy interviews Riccardo Viale, the new director of the Italian Cultural Institute. He was appointed to the prestigious position in Park Avenue just a few months ago but is already working on a number of innovative and interesting projects. "I will work on creating new bridges between Italy and the US, in particular in the scientific and economical fields"
  • Area - Adesso Musica 1975
    Save the date for these two concerts of the "Area." The historical Italian band, perhaps little known in the US today, should actually be considered one of the mythic European bands of the 1970s.