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    Judith Harris(December 01, 2013)
    The now splintered conservative parties represented by Silvio Berlusconi and his former alter ego Angelino Alfano slip at least momentarily into the background this week as the Partito Democratico (PD) finally takes center-stage. Opening December 8, the PD national convention will sanction the election of a new general secretary expected to represent a crucial generational shift away from the old-style politicians of the past. Three candidates are in the running in primaries throughout the country.
  • One of the more polite metaphors Italian pundits are using these days to describe the political parties - all of them - is "all at sea." Within the Partito Democratico (PD), larger of the parties composing the government, quarrels have broken out over rules for a forthcoming national congress and proposed constitutional reform. Behind some of the tension in that party is the debate over the future role of the popular young mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, who heads one party faction. But premier Enrico Letta remains at the helm, and even more popular than Renzi.
  • On November 25th, the primaries of the Democratic Party (PD) will take place and they have never been more important. All the electors can choose between Pierluigi Bersani, Nichi Vendola, Matteo Renzi, Bruno Tabacci and Laura Puppato: here is how you can vote from New York.
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    Judith Harris(August 21, 2012)
    Just when UNESCO recognized five more Italian sites as part of the world's cultural heritage, Florentine Mayor Matteo Renzi decided to block engineer Maurizio Seracini's search for the Leonardo Da Vinci's fresco of the Battaglia di Anghiari believed to exist on a wall in the city's town hall.