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  • Born in Chiaravalle, Italy, in 1870, Montessori would have turned 142 on Friday. Google celebrated this special anniversary with a themed homepage Doodle featuring some of the basic toys and tools the Montessori educational method uses to create child-friendly, grade-free and hands-on learning environments, regardless of age differences among the pupils. The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc. celebrated last year its 34th annual Italian Heritage and Culture Month with the theme: “A Tribute to Dr. Maria Montessori: An Internationally Renowned Educator and Physician.”
  • Among those attending the symposium organized in honor of Maria Montessori at the Scuola d'Italia Guglielmo Marconi, there was the major of Chiaravalle, her hometown, who introduced the movement “Slow Look”, an organization that encourages people to step back and “gustare lentamente” (slowly taste) the world around them. The event was also attended by the children of the Italian National Olympic Committee, who exemplify today what Dr. Montessori envisioned years ago: that motor activity, and exercise above all, in children can promote well-being and happiness