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  • “She must be a very determined person”— that’s how she struck me the moment I met her in September 2011, when she had just taken office here. And, well, the way she has steered the biggest Italian institution in the Big Apple for the last four years, Natalia has lived up to that impression.
  • When we sat down with Alessandro Piol, the Italian venture capitalist based in new york who has 30 years of experience in the field of technology, he opened up about how his father— in Italy, a pioneer in the sector—taught him to love his work. He also explained how he chooses projects to finance and why New York presents even greater prospects than Silicon Valley. And he concluded with a little “message in a bottle” for young Italians looking to come to the City to develop an idea.
  • Breakthroughs From the First  PC to the First Space-Bound  Espresso Machine. "The first desktop computer in the world": this is how America welcomed the launch of Programma 101 (P101) in New York in 1965. Created by a small group of "crazy" young Italian engineers at Olivetti, P101's success was so huge, that the US space agency NASA bought it and used it for its mission to the moon.   Since then, Italy has continued to make significant contributions to progress in technology, up to the 2015 experiment of ISSpresso, the first ever system for brewing espresso coffee in the extreme conditions of outer space, made by Argotec and Lavazza.