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  • Massimiliano Finazzer Flory’s special movie co-produced by i-ItalyTV portrays the founder of the Futurist movement as he journeys between Brooklyn and Manhattan. To the project have passionately contributed Letizia Airos, Mattia Minasi ad Matteo Banfo, taking the i-Italy team to meet a new challenge. And New York City, the perfect translation of Marinetti’s project, definitely played its part too. Stay tuned!
  • Art & Culture
    Steve Acunto(June 04, 2014)
    Italian Futurists managed to swim in the unexplored current, not drowning, but paddling toward the new shore of the real. The art hanging on the walls of the museums seemed “lifeless” to them, vague and sentimental relics. They would find this article boring because it contains no noise, no surprise blasts, no color, no violence.