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  • Directed by Simone Aleandri and Produced by Clipper Media with Rai Cinema, the documentary Sono Cosa Nostra celebrates the 20years ofLibera,anetworkof over 1600 associations fighting against all types of Mafias. Libera wasfounded by Don Ciotti, a priest from Turin, in 1995 and it uses land and assets seized from the Mafia to set up local food cooperatives, anti­drug projects, and community centers. Libera was also fundamental in the passing oflaw 109 which allowsthe seizure of assets belonging the Mafia.
  • Interviste: Don Ciotti
    Interview with Don Luigi Ciotti, Founder and President of "Libera", a network of more than 1,200 associations born on 25 March 1995 with the purpose of involving and supporting all those who are interested in the fight against mafias and organized crime. The law on the social use of the real estate confiscated from organized crime, the education on democratic lawfulness, the fight against corruption, the camps for antimafia education, the projects on work, development and anti-usury activities, are some of Libera's concrete commitments
  • The association Libera, founded to support civil societies against all mafias, collected over a million signatures for the approval of a law introducing the possibility to re-use the land confiscated from organized crime for social advantage. Silvia Forte represented the company at the latest Fancy Food Show in New York