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  • Chiara Izzi
    This Italian artist is not afraid to explore her vocal potential in different languages and across genres. Yesterday at Birdland, she presented her second and newly released album, Across the Sea (Jando), co-created with pianist and vocalist Kevin Hays. And now she is also planning a tour.
  • Photo by ©Andrea Rotili
    Life & People
    Tommaso Cartia(March 23, 2017)
    Mafalda Minnozzi is a true ambassador of Italian music. Her universal musical language brought her to combine Italian melodies with rhythms from all over the world. In 2015, after a long solo career, both she and New York guitarist Paul Ricci formed the “eMPathia Jazz Duo.” It’s a successful partnership that brought them to perform on some of the world’s most prestigious stages, like the Birland Jazz Club in New York. We met her there where she told us her life’s story.
  • Foto di ©Andrea Rotili
    Fatti e Storie
    Tommaso Cartia(March 16, 2017)
    Mafalda Minnozzi è una vera ambasciatrice della musica italiana. Il suo linguaggio musicale universale la ha portata a fondere la melodia italiana con i ritmi di tutto il mondo. Dopo una lunga carriera solista, nel 2015 la cantante ha formato con il chitarrista newyorchese Paul Ricci, l'"eMPathia Jazz Duo", un’unione di grande successo che li ha portati ad esibirsi sui palchi più prestigiosi. Non ultimo quello del Birdland di New York. Qui l’abbiamo incontrata e ci siamo fatti raccontare la sua storia di vita in musica.
  • Even though Jazz was born in New Orleans, the genre has been influenced by artists from all over the world, including Italy. Jazz in Italy has grown tremendously in the past twenty years, especially in the United States, with the support of more frequent performances by Italian jazz musicians, like those taking part in the Umbria Jazz Festival.
  • Italian jazz pianist and composer Marco di Marco recently performed at the historical New York jazz club “Birdland”. A Knight of the Italian Republic for music merit, during his 40-year career he released 14 internationally acclaimed albums recorded in Paris, New York, Italy and London. As we met him, we found out more about his extraordinary life as a musician... and an accountant!