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    L. A.(December 09, 2015)
    Pizzeria Starita was founded in Naples in 1901. Today, after four generations, it’s still thriving. The history of this ever- bustling pizzeria, beautifully narrated by Monica Piscitelli in the blog of acclaimed Neapolitan journalist Luciano Pignataro, describes its Neapolitan location, including its shrine to San Gennaro engraved with the date that the pizzeria first opened its doors in the working-class neighborhood of Materdei. Now Don Antonio Starita is in New York City too, partnering with Roberto Caporuscio of Kestè and his daughter Giorgia.
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    Iwona Adamczyk(September 20, 2012)
    Kesté Pizza and Vino, one of the most widely known Neapolitan style pizza places in New York City gets a remodeling, a new and expanded menu and a surprising new pizza maker