You chose: america oggi

  • In front of the Mother Italy sculpture in Poses Park on Hunter College Campus
    The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York recently showed their gratitude to the finest individuals and organizations in the Italian American community during the 2017 Leonardo da Vinci Award Ceremony.
  • America Oggi – NJ-based Italian newspaper – puts its journalists to unemployment. The contributions from the office of the prime minister are not sufficient. We have been managing without them for years. We believe that the economic crisis can be turned into a new opportunity for information. And we think that those who distribute these contributions should see that too. What do you think?
  • Funding to publishers is cut in half – but it only applies to Italian newspapers abroad. History repeats itself. Neglect and upheaval, Italian-style? Those newspapers affected include America Oggi in the U.S., La Voce d’Italia in Venezuela, Gente d’Italia in Uruguay, Il Corriere Canadese in Canada, Il Globo in Melbourne, and La Fiamma in Sidney, Australia. All are in danger of folding.