June 24, 2012
01:00 pm

Malocchio: The Truth about The Evil Eye

Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
420 Tompkins Ave
10305 Staten Island, New York
United States

Have you ever had a string of bad luck and wondered if perhaps it wasn't just bad luck? Rosemary Feterik will present "Malocchio: The Truth about 'The Evil Eye." In an enlightening look at the misconceptions about this Italian folk tradition, Ms. Feterik will discuss beliefs related to the "evil eye" - how it happens, and what can be done to protect against it. Belief in an 'evil eye' exists in most cultures throughout the world, and goes back millennia. In her presentation Ms. Feterik will also explain these various beliefs, and the good luck charms and amulets that have been used to ward off the evil eye down through the ages.