November 30, 2015
05:00 pm

Screening: 41 PARALLELO: A Documentary and Short Films from Naples

casa italiana zerilli-marimò
24 W 12th St, New York
10011 New York, NY
United States

In collaboration with Napoli Film Festival


All the films are in ITALIAN with ENGLISH subtitles.


BELLISSIMA [Beautiful]
Directed by Alessandro Capitani
Winner of Best Actress (Giusy Lodi)
(2015, Italy, 12 min.)
Veronica is twenty and is imprisoned in a huge, obese body. At a disco she gets picked on by a boy, who teases her because of her physical appearance. Desperately unhappy, Veronica takes refuge in the disco bathroom; within those walls no one can see her and judge her. Fate, however, has a pleasant surprise in store for her.


LA SMORFIA [The Smirk]
Directed by Emanuele Palamara
Winner of Best Actor (Gianfelice Imparato)
(2015, Italy, 16 min.)
After suffering a stroke that has left his face in a paralysed grimace, elderly Neapolitan singer Carmine is now wheelchair bound for life. His dream and goal is to return at any cost to the theatre where he inherited the mantle of the future of Neapolitan song. The biggest obstacle to overcome, however, will be his sister Nina.

TEATRO [Theater]
Directed by Ivan Ruis Flores
Winner of Best Short Film
(2014, Spain, 15 min.)
A new hairdresser attends to an old customer.

Directed by Mario Martone
(2015, Italy, 19 min.)
Starring Mattia Oricchio, Aurora Maria Marrocco, Nicole Pinto.
Film made for the Pavilion Zero, EXPO Milano 2015. 68th Festival del Film Locarno - Films 2015 - Piazza Grande. Agrarian environment in the mid-14th century. Vineyards and olive tree groves extend as far as the eye can see. Far away, there is a farmstead, simple but not poor. The family who lives there consists of the father, the mother and an eight-year-old son named Nino. They live as farmers, they have all the necessary and nothing more. The rhythm of their days is established by the hours marked by the chiming of the bells, the passing of the seasons, the rising of the sun, the rain and the wind, the scorching heat of summer. Nino wakes up at dawn and brings the goats grazing. Along sublime and archaic landscapes, he walks as if in a huge journey along the path toward knowledge.

COSTELLAZIONI [Constellations]
Directed by Luigi Cuomo
Winner of Best Documentary Film
(2015, Italy, 45 min.)
"Costellazioni" follows three circus performers out of the spotlight. Former acrobat Rene Rodogell, now an expert trainer of young acrobats, lion tamer Denny Montico and horsewoman Yvette De Rocchi star in this story set both in the trailer and the circus tent. Three stars from a single constellation, continuously moving around the globe, intertwine, linger and then separate, leaving behind a trail of light.