April 09, 2015
06:00 pm

An Evening with “Italian” Writers Carmine Abate and Amara Lakhous, and Prof. Grace Russo Bullaro

Calandra Italian American Institute
25 West 42nd Street
10036 New York, NY
United States

An Evening with "Italian" Writers: Carmine Abate and Amara Lakhous and Professor Grace Russo Bullaro

This event is centered around the two writers Carmine Abate and Amara Lakhous. Carmine Abate grew up in Carlizzi, a small village of the Arbersche community, in southern Calabria. After graduating from the University of Bari (Puglia), he moved to Hamburg, where his father had earlier emigrated. There he taught at a school for immigrants and began publishing his first stories. In 1984, his first collection of short stories appeared under the title Den Koffer und weg! This was followed by a socio-anthropological study conducted jointly with Meike Behrmann on the community of Calabrian emigrants, published as I Germanesi. After a decade in Germany, Abate returned to Italy and settled in Besenello in Trentino, where he continues to work as a writer and teacher.