Old Fashioned Salumeria on the UES

Francesca Sarda (July 25, 2013)
Small and cozy, it mirrors a typical salumeria in an Italian town. Inside you will find all of the best Italian cold cuts, cured meats

Already famous for serving one of the best Neapolitan style pizza pies in the city Fabio Casella takes on a new challenge, opening an old fashioned salumeria, merely a block south of San Matteo. Why so close to his other establishment you ask? Well, the answer is simple… the young and inventive chef needs to be present at both locales: the popular pizzeria and il Salumaio, the newest addition to the prestigious Upper East Side gourmet scene.

Small and cozy, it mirrors a typical salumeria in an Italian town. Inside you will find all of the best Italian cold cuts, cured meats (try the san Pietro prosciutto!), as well as a selection of hard and semi-soft cheeses any cheesemonger would be excited to see. But Casella did not stop there, making sure there is a fresh selection of soft cheeses such as burrata, mozzarella di bufala, and ricotta. He also offers a wide variety of olives, among them the delicious and oh so hard to find Castelvetrano olives and condiments such as balsamic vinegar glazes.

"The idea is to recreate an old fashioned salumeria," states Casella. "One where you establish a relationship with the staff, where they know likes and dislikes, where you call and order a half a pound of speck and a quarter pound of pancetta, a fresh burrata and some ricotta salata and you have it delivered right up to your door." He continues proudly: " We want to make sure you can count on the freshness and authenticity of our products, hence why everything is delivered daily and only the highest quality products end up on your table."

What adds to the already wide array of products, are the ready to tickle your taste buds, hot and cold sandwiches, appetizers and pasta dishes. Stop in for lunch to try Fabio's creative sandwiches such as the Via Capone, boasting mortadella, marinated eggplant and provolone cheese or the hot Salsiccia e Broccoli (Italian sausage and broccoli).

Make sure to check out the daily soup specials and bring home home made hot pasta dishes such as Trofie al Pesto or the spicy Penne all"Arrabbiata. The health conscious are not left out with a selection of the sandwiches offered in a form of a wrap instead of the more caloric focaccia, hero or ciabatta breads, or can chose one of the six salads (do not skip the Insalata di Rucola made of arugula, goat cheese and cherry tomatoes topped with olive oil and just the right amount of balsamic glaze).

Il Salumaio also serves true Italian espresso, one that delightfully hugs your tongue without the bitter left over taste that many coffee shop espresso's leave behind. "To make a good Italian cup of coffee, one needs to know their equipment, the coffee beans, the right measurements and even take the humidity into account, it's a form of art," adds Fabio.

The UES is in for a treat, there is nothing better than being in the delivery zone of this salumeria and having the ability to have Italian delicacies delivered to your door. But, don't sweat if you live cross town… stop in, buy your groceries, have a sandwich and say CIAO to the friendly Italian staff, I have a feeling you will become a regular…

il Salumaio is located at 1731 2nd Ave and is open daily from 8am to 9pm.
For deliveries call: (646) 852-6876