Roberto Saviano to Speak Today at Occupy Wall Street

(November 18, 2011)
Roberto Saviano, Italian journalist and author of “Gomorrah”, will be joining the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park today at 12 pm.

Saviano’s nonfiction exposé on the inner workings of the Neapolitan Mafia, or Camorra, became an international bestseller with over 10 million copies sold around the world.

Since the release of “Gomorrah” in 2006, Saviano has lived in hiding with 24-hour police protection, after receiving a number of serious death threats for attracting so much attention to the topic of the ever expanding criminal infiltrations in the economic system through illicit businesses and money laundering.

In Zuccotti Park, Saviano will be discussing the correlation between the worsening of the economic crisis and the uprising criminal organizations, representing a globally pervasive cancer of the international economic system.

In a video message to the OWS protesters, Saviano declared: “I am glad the Occupy Wall Street organizers have invited me to join you to talk about the way Mafia can exploit an economic crisis to grow more powerful and accumulate more money”.

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