Thoughts on Resurrection, Reinvention and Madonna

Chiara Montalto (September 14, 2008)
"Loving Madonna and becoming vegetarian were the most rebellious things you could ever do in an Italian-American family..."

Like Madonna, I recently celebrated a birthday. Not yet fifty, and thirty has already happened. I’ve decided the moment is right to start using the adage I long ago learned from my grandmother “I’m as old as my pinky and a little older than my teeth.” I constantly hear seemingly soothing clichés “What are you upset about?” “You are a baby!” and my favorite “Age is only a number, its all about how you feel.” Though I know there is truth in these words, I lately I’ve been a little, well, honestly, down. I take this amazing business class for artists, and when I emailed my accountability partner on my birthday that my task for that day was “to try and enjoy myself,” she responded and wrote me a great message that, as a Leo, we are the true rulers of the universe. She was surprised by my astrological sign.

Madonna, when asked about her recent 50th birthday,  seemed to not be too phased by her age. Now, I was always much more a child of punk and post punk than pop music, but like anyone my age, unless you grew up under a rock, you knew who Madonna was. She was always there. “Like a Virgin” was the first cassette tape I ever owned- it was given to me. I had  absolutely no idea what a virgin was. But I noticed the reaction that was caused by my having that tape.





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