Message from the Ambassador of Italy in Washington, Armando Varricchio, on the occasion of the Italian National Day.

Dear fellow Italians, dear Italian-American friends,

As we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the foundation of the Republic we remember the choice of freedom made by Italian women and men on June 2, 1946. A choice that has allowed our country to join the path of democracy and progress in the transatlantic and European framework.

This year is also the 70th anniversary of our Constitution, the principles of which continue to guide our Country. The relationship between Italy and the US, firmly rooted in these values, continues to grow and to strengthen under all aspects, in all disciplines and fields of activity.

This is testified by the strong cooperation between our Governments at all levels and our common commitment to peace and security, to development, to human rights and to an international order based on shared rules. But first and foremost, it is testified by the strength and vitality of our cultural, social and economic relations of which you are the true protagonists. Each time I had an opportunity to meet you across the country, I experienced first-hand that your determination and your commitment, woven into love for Italy and the USA, represent the engine of a relationship that is unique across the globe, a real multiplier of growth and prosperity. In every corner of the US, Italian professionalism, creativity, culture and language enjoy a special appreciation. This year with your participation in the general elections in Italy you have given, once again, an important contribution to our democratic institutions.

Dear friends,

Your represent a precious asset for Italy and for our deep friendship with the United States. On these solid foundations we will continue to work together to build a stronger and more wide-ranging relationship, and opportunities for our youth.

It is with these auspices that I send you and your families my best wishes for happy Republic Day celebrations.

Viva l’Italia. Viva gli Stati Uniti.





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