What's a God Box?

Darrell Fusaro (October 14, 2015)
It doesn't have to be a fancy container. The God box that works best is the one you use.

Recently my wife, Lori, asked if I would explain to her good friend photographer Lisa Prince Fishler how to use a God box, so I thought why not share the details with you as well?  The God box, although effective at solving any problem you may have, may seem silly or at best too simple to be for real.  But for those of us who have tried it we are unanimous: it works!

The idea is to have a container with a slot or opening on top.  You write your present problem, worry, desire, or hard-to-make decision on a small piece of paper.  I like to end all my requests with the statement, "This or something better." I believe that's the real meaning of "If it be Thy will."  You may even date your request if you like.  Then fold it up and put it in your God box.  In essence, "turning it over to God." 

Don't stress out about what you should use as your God box, any container will do.  Some examples of what my friends and I have used as God boxes are, a favorite cereal box, coffee can, oatmeal container, jewelry box, cigar box, a hamper, shoe box, and even a garbage can.  Whatever you choose to use as your God box it will work, since the activating power is in releasing whatever it is to God.

I believe that writing down my request and putting it in my God box enables me to feel like I've done my part in turning it over.  This physical activity gives me a concrete sense that I've actually turned it over to a Higher Power.  Now I have a reference for when I catch myself worrying.  I can easily remind and reassure myself that I put it in my God box and everything will transpire in divine order, with perfect timing, effortlessness and ease. 

Feeling reassured I become relaxed and confident, I am free to follow hunches, and I find myself hyper-aware of coincidences conspiring in my favor.  What was at first a dilemma is now an adventure in faith – looking forward to an even better-than-expected outcome. 

When you clean out your God box you get the added pleasure of seeing how even forgotten requests were resolved in wonderful ways.  So whatever it is, big or small, don't delay, put it in your God box today!  Let go of thought, "How will I resolve this?" and cast the burden on God.  Don't worry about how God will work it out, just know that he will. 

The following is from the daily mediation book, Around the Year With Emmet Fox,  January 3rd.


Once you have contacted the Power within, and have allowed it to take over your responsibilities for you, it will direct and govern all your affairs from the greatest to the least without mistakes.  The government shall be upon his shoulder.  You are tired, and driven, and worried, and weak, and ill, and depressed because you have been trying to carry the government upon your own shoulder; the burden is too much for you, and you have broken down under it.  Now, immediately you hand over your self-government, that is, the burden of making a living, or of healing your body, or erasing your mistakes, to the Child.  He, the Tireless One, and All-Powerful, the All-Wise, the All-Resourceful, assumes it with joy; and your difficulties have seen the beginning of the end.

Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee...  –Psalm 55:22

"Do not try to think out in advance what the solution of your difficulty will probably turn out to be.  This is technically called "outlining," and will only delay the demonstration.  Leave the question of ways and means strictly to God.  You want to get out of your difficulty – that is sufficient.  You do your half, and God will never fail to do His."  – Emmet Fox

 In a recent e-mail I received this photo from artist Leebs Goya of her "God Jar" along with this note; "Thought you'd want to see what you inspired!  I made my God Jar today!!!" 

This post hit close to home.  My wife, Lori Fusaro, was excited to show me her new God Box.  What I found inspiring was how she added word "YES!" on the inside.

I can't believe, up until now I've never glamorized my God Box.  Always a plain old oat meal container, cigar box, or shoe box.  Inspired by Lori and Leebs I've kicked things up a notch and I like it!

–Darrell Fusaro

Cartoonist Darrell Fusaro is the co-host of the Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed podcast and author of What If Godzilla Just Wanted a Hug?





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