What It's Like to Be Submitted for an Emmy®

Darrell Fusaro (July 08, 2011)
How I avoided the customary mood swings that come prior to, and after the announcement.

Want to know what motivates me to be so productive?  The answer: Pain.  I have found nothing relieves emotional pain more effectively than getting busy.  

"If you're feeling shitty make something pretty."
- Diana, Darrell's cousin

This remedy is no secret, you may have even heard the saying, "Move a muscle: change an emotion."  What does any of this have to do with being submitted for an Emmy®?  Nothing, but since the news program I produce in Los Angeles was submitted for one this year I decided I'd make a preemptive strike.  In my attempt to avoid the high high of potential nomination as well as the low low of being passed over I decided I'd bare my soul.  Miraculously it worked.  By shamelessly pointing out my less than virtuous craving for approval, via cartoon confession, I've made it through the Emmy® selection process emotionally unscathed - even after finding out we weren't nominated.  Here they are, my before and after shots of the Emmy® selection process, so you can enjoy a laugh at my expense too.





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