Interview with Darrell Fusaro, Author and Director of "The Basement"

Marina Melchionda (December 04, 2009)
Darrell Fusaro's documentary "The Basement" reconstructs the circumstances in which his grandfather was murdered by the Mafia 40 years ago. Now available on DVD, it is based on a show that he brought throughout America and Canada. We interviewed Darrell who recounted us how his and his family's life have changed after the tragic episod, and why he decided to produce this movie

 What made you decide to break the silence on your grandfather's murder?

I felt it was the only way to resolve my grandfather’s unsolved murder. Remaining silent, out of the fear of what we might find out about my grandfather, or Mafia retaliation, took a severe toll on my family. 


How has this episode affected your inner personal life and, consequently, your artistic work?

You performed your show both in California and in New Jersey. Did the audience react somehow differently?

Do you think that tragic episodes like your grandfather's murder still happen in contemporary America? Has something changed, and if yes what?