Fashion Leathers: Arts & Tannery. The Excellence of Italian Products in New York

Natasha Lardera (September 12, 2012)
Arts & Tannery is an exclusive event exhibiting the highest quality in Italian leather products. It is a unique and useful opportunity for those seeking the latest in materials and is a vital reference for those designing collections of footwear, handbags and clothing.

Arts & Tannery, the event that brings, twice a year, to New York the latest trends in leather hascome and gone, leaving behind the very best for the Fall/Winter 2013/1014 specifically selected and researched for the American market.

The two-day event, organized by the New York branch of the Italian Trade Commission, in collaboration with the Italian Leather System Consortium, welcomed 13 Italian leather producers (Agile, Ascot, Ausonia Conceria, Bo-Pell Conceria, Conceria di Urgnano-ILCEA, Conceria Pellegrini Group, Copar Conceria, Gemini, MB3 Conceria, Sanlorenzo, Tra-Bru, Tuscania Industria Conciaria, Vesta Corporation) most of them coming from Tuscany who showed over 300 American operators the new creations for the upcoming year.

The Consortium's primary objective is to present the excellence of Italian products, thanks to the contribution of the diverse companies who do not compete against each other that make it up.

Each company exposed their latest collections of leather, accessories and other elements destined to the production of shoes, bags, other leather goods such as clothing, accessories and furniture.

“I'm particularly interested in this show,” Consul General Natalia Quintavalle said while admiring the stands, “it's an example of the ability of several businesses to present their work together, which is wonderful. Often these Italian products defy the statistics of the Italy-USA interchange, through complex triangulations that represent the globalization of economy. These are wonderful products that are easy to imagine in the shape of handbags, shoes and belts.”

“Arts & Tannery once again provides the great opportunity to present the newest leather trends,” Aniello Musella, Executive Director of the Italian Trade Commission network for North America. “The very well known Made in Italy stamp of quality plays a critical role, assuring high quality and design. Tradition, workmanship and great experience distinguish Italian leather production worldwide. Craftsmanship is coupled with innovation, making the Made in Italy the most influential and leading label in the industry.”

There is today, according to information provided by Dr. Musella, an even bigger demand for Italian leather and component parts in the US. Over the past years, the leather industry began to experience a recovery, and Italy, with a share market of 22,85% for the first semester in 2012 (experiencing an 18% increment when compared with the first semester of 2011), continues to be the primary supplier of leathers to the US, with Brazil, Mexico and Argentina following behind.

“This is an important appointment,” he added, “for all these exhibitor who are well known by important American buyers with whom some already have well established relationships. The tanners have been meeting here in New York since 2005. Arts & Tannery first started in the Italian Trade Commission's office and it has grown gradually. Through the years deals have consolidated and businesses have developed, even through this period of economic crisis. Obviously some factors, such as the fall of the Euro versus the Dollar has favored the Consortium who is able to be more competitive and meet demands with high quality products at the desired price point.”

Mr. David Bilanceri of Ausonia, the spokesperson of the Consortium, explained how, through the years, producers and buyers have been able to establish a respectful and fruitful relationship, so that Arts & Tannery is a bi-yearly appointment that cannot be missed.

“Here in New York we welcome buyers from major labels such as Coach, Banana Republic, Polo Ralph Lauren. All these important brands that make us important as well. Italian companies are known in the world to be lazy, but instead they are made of people who work hard from morning to night. There are great businesses that are still family run, so each detail is carefully taken care of. That's probably why us Italians can offer a product that is a step ahead compared to other countries.” 

Paolo Cipriani, director of the Italian Leather System, explained how “Italian producers are main characters in the fashion world of tannery where continuous research and the wish to always introduce new articles with low prices and products of really high level is appreciated more and more. We are always very careful to keep up with the times, and the trends for the fall/winter season 2013/14 are Space Lab, Déco Flair, Icon Clash and Sporty Cut.”

Meaning lots of metallics and laminates, neon colors and prints that have been going strong for a while, but paired together, they feel new all over again.





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