ALMA: Lawyers’ Network Between Italy and the U.S.

Fred De Siena (January 18, 2017)
We sat down with Paolo Strino, the President of the nonprofit association responsible for creating a network of professionals and alumni in the economic-legal sector.

ALMA- Italian LL.M. Association is a nonprofit organization that unites Master of Laws (LLM) students and alumni from some of the greatest American universities. It also seeks to facilitate professional international mobility by sharing personal information. The association is a leading source of information in Italy for those looking to study abroad in the economic-legal sector. To learn more about the association we interviewed ALMA president Paolo Strino, Director for Intellectual Property at the New York office of the Gibbons law firm.

How was ALMA born?

It was born on the initiative of Italian attorneys and professionals in the economic-legal sector. They decided to make the knowledge that they had acquired while working and studying in the United States available to those who plan to or are already completing a Master of Laws there.

What is ALMA’s mission?

We believe the globalization of professional services and ever-growing competition create individual challenges that we will need to tackle in the near future. Everyone benefits when we face them in a coordinated and cohesive manner. The association facilitates the sharing of knowledge among associates pursuing careers in international law while aslo preserving the highest professional and ethical standards. Our network of professionals has an interest in developing long-term relationships based on the universal values of knowledge, integrity, and merit.

What does ALMA offer its associates?

The association provides aspiring students with a lot of information regarding completing a Master’s and the advantages of such training. Such programs offer a unique experience—perhaps the last chance to immerse oneself in study—as well as the opportunity to make lasting connections with enterprising individuals. Its approach to law is both practical and concrete. ALMA has exceptional facilities; our library is open around the clock and our classrooms equipped with the latest technology. 

Who does ALMA reach?

“ALMA reaches a community of law professionals that have completed an elite post-graduate degree at an American university. ALMA also welcomes American lawyers interested in the laws and economics of our country. The organization website,, contains information for anyone interested in contacting us. Also, the association organizes cultural events both in the US and in Italy. Participation is open to anyone who has studied in the US and wants to meet lawyers.”

What can we expect in 2017?

On January 26 we have the ALMA Gala Dinner at the Penn Club of New York, when we will honor a member of the Italian community “between worlds” in the economic, law, and financial sectors. Past honorees include Andrea Soriani from Maserati, Alberto Milani from Buccellati, and Guido Calabresi, Dean of Yale. This year’s honoree is Dr. Gaetano Sciuto, president of Fendi America. Lavazza is a sponsor. There will be a silent auction and proceeds will go to charity. We are also working on the 2017 Scholarship in collaboration with ALSA (Associazione degli Studi Legali Associati) and the Ordine degli Avvocati of Milan. 





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