Renzi’s Government, Here is the List of the Ministers.

Giulia Madron (February 21, 2014)
Sixteen names on the list. Half of them are women.

Matteo Renzi has made his decision. The last few days have been very busy for the new Prime Minister, who, under the supervision of Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, formed Italy’s fourth government also with last-minute changes.

After the three hour wait for Napolitano’s official approval, at 7:30pm Renzi announced the names of the new executive.Many of the names are still unknown even to the Italian public. On February 22nd 2014, at 11:30 am, the new Ministers will take the oath at the Quirinale and on February 24th there will be the vote of confidence at the Senate.

Here is the list of ministers of Renzi’s new government:

Internal Affairs: Angelino Alfano

Economy and Finances: Pier Carlo Padoan

Justice: Andrea Orlando

Defense: Roberta Pinotti

Work and Social Welfare: Giuliano Poletti

Economic Development: Federica Guidi

Foreign Affairs: Federica Mogherini

Transportations and Infrastructures: Maurizio Lupi

Health: Beatrice Lorenzin

Education: Stefania Giannini

Agriculture: Maurizio Martina

Environment: Gian Luca Galletti

Culture and Tourism: Dario Franceschini

Ministers without portfolio

Reforms and Parliament relations: Maria Elena Boschi

Public Administration and Simplification: Marianna Madia

Regional Affairs: Maria Carmela Lanzetta

Premiership’s Undersecretary: Graziano Delrio