Nedo, Andrea and Talia

Letizia Airos (January 25, 2012)
On the occasion of the Remembrance Day, i-Italy publishes again this interview released on 27th January 2009. An encounter with journalist Andrea Fiano, member of the Board of Directors of the Primo Levi Center (NYC). He is the son of Nedo Fiano, an Auschwitz survivor, and the father of Talia, an Italian American teenager

I met with journalist Andrea Fiano whose father, Nedo, was one of the few Italians to survive Auschwitz. I had a very specific, powerful image in mind. It comes from the transcript of an interview I read some time ago which said that as a child, Nedo was no longer allowed go to school because Italian law prohibited it. I was struck by the image of a child who in 1938 lost the right to an education, along with the right to play with his Italian peers. Instead, he had to attend classes organized by the Jewish community.

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