Italian Holidays for Mayor De Blasio

Giulia Madron (July 15, 2014)
On July 18th New York’s Mayor Bill De Blasio will leave the city and head off to Italy for a 10 day holiday with his family, a trip to learn more about his Italian roots.

For most New Yorkers taking extended vacation periods is not unusual. Not so for Mayor Bill De Blasio, who next Friday will leave the Big Apple to bring his family on a 10 day long vacation in Italy. A real exception compared to his predecessors Michael R. Bloomberg, who never took a week off, or Rudolph W. Giuliani who worked even during holidays. De Blasio’s trip is the longest one ever done by a New York mayor in more than 25 years.

But Mr. De Blasio, of Italian origins, had promised it to his Italian relatives who proudly have supported him from from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

A journey, the one in Italy, to go back to his roots and learn more about the Italian heritage. The trip, from North to South of the Peninsula, will include official visits to Venice, Rome and Naples and also a jaunt to the glamorous island of Capri. And, of course, Mr. De Blasio won’t miss stops in the two native cities of his grandparents: Grassano, near Matera and Sant’Agata dei Goti, near Benevento. Especially the town of Grassano is really excited for the arrival of New York’s first citizen. Indeed, on the occasion of De Blasio’s visit, the Mayor of the Italian town, Francesco Sanseverino, is organizing a big party.

However, De Blasio and his family are not the only one who will have to pack before their departure on July 18th. They will be joined by his press secretary and his chief of staff who will accompany him during his official meetings with other Italian city representatives. De Blasio’s team has already scheduled formal events with the Mayors of Rome and Naples.

Furthermore, his press secretary, Phil Walzak, who will also be in Italy with him and his family, said that Mayor De Blasio is prepared to get back to New York in case there is a local emergency. While in Italy, Mr. De Blasio will receive daily updates from his City Hall lieutenants about what is happening in New York. But the Italian-American Mayor has the situation under control and thought about everything: in fact, he provided Anthony E. Shorris, his first deputy, with all the legal powers to lead the city during his absence.

Hopefully nothing will happen and the De Blasio’s will enjoy their time in Italy!





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