FICO 'Eataly World' Revealed in NYC

Joelle Grosso (November 18, 2016)
FICO Eataly World comes to New York City to introduce their new program that will bring the best of Italy’s food, wine, and agricultural traditions to the world.

In addition to the first ever Prima Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo (First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World), it seemed to be the perfect occasion for FICO Eataly World to present themselves and their mission at the Eataly NYC Flatiron location. FICO, which stands for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, describes their organization as “a culinary destination featuring the best of Italian good, wine, and agricultural traditions from across the country slated to open in Bologna, Italy in the second half of 2017.” Their goal is not only to represent Italy and provide the world with optimal products, but to also inform others on the techniques they use and the mentality they have regarding food.  

Their plan is to house 20-acres of farms in Bologna dedicated to growing typical products of Emilia-Romagna like olives and truffles as well as raising indigenous animal breeds. “The unique space is dedicated to the biodiversity of Italian cuisine, from field to fork, and exemplifies the Eataly philosophy toward food by offering an experience where guests can ‘Eat, Shop, and Learn’ about Italian culture through the country’s beloved cuisine and culinary traditions.” FICO decided Bologna would be the ideal spot to carry out this project because not only is it the capital of the region, but it’s also considered the capital of Italian gastronomy and acts as a bridge that connects Northern and Southern Italy.

The founder of Eataly, Oscar Farinetti, and the President of the region Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, both spoke at the event at BAITA at La Birreria which is a pop-up restaurant located on the rooftop of the Flatiron Building. They both talked about how excited they were to be presenting this new project and to be joining forces. Together, Farinetti and Bonaccini will work to promote this beautiful region in Italy and the fantastic high quality items they produce. 

FICO Eataly World will be a theme park for food lovers and they are expecting over six million visitors within the first year. Guests will be able to enjoy fresh pastas and tasty homemade wines, but they will also learn about the process and receive a special behind-the-scenes look at the production. It’s a hands-on experience that will demonstrate the importance of food education and food sustainability in order to have a healthier future for all.

For those interested in visiting FICO Eataly World, you can sign up on the website for updated information about the opening, as it’s announced.