Antonio Pio Saracino's Second Nature

Iwona Adamczyk (February 16, 2012)
Named one of the Top Ten Italian Architects under 36, Antonio Pio Saracino exhibits his artworks and designs at BOSI Contemporary Gallery, where i-Italy interviewed him about "Second Nature."

New Yorkers get their chance to visit the exhibit of a four-time winner of the Future Furniture design competition sponsored by Interior Design magazine.

Antonio Pio Saracino, named one of the Top Ten Italian Architects under 36 by the New Italian Blood competition and recognized as one of the world’s 25 most interesting trendsetters by ARTnews magazine, exhibits at BOSI Contemporary Gallery (48 Orchard St. NYC).

Three generations of experience are behind the newly opened BOSI Contemporary Gallery.

The Rome based BOSI ARTE gallery has already established itself as one of the most renowned modern and contemporary art galleries in the world. Since 1949 the Bosi family has been passionately devoting themselves to discovering and exhibiting the works of contemporary artists from all over the globe.

With a satellite gallery in London and the brand new New York City location, the owner and manager Sandro Bosi spreads the wings of their fame even further and opens a whole new door of possibilities for artists to exhibit in the Big Apple. 

It is not at all surprising that Sandro Bosì chose the works of Antonio Pio Saracino as one of the first exhibitions at the NYC gallery. The talent that the young architect possesses is clearly visible after merely spending a few minutes in the dynamic gallery space, wandering between the exponents. On entrance the viewer encounters two minimalist yet large, color-contrasting sculptures, which only after reading the provided description are recognized as bookcases.

Many of the other pieces on display are also functional art as Saracino, who comes from a small Italian village in the Apulia region, tends to intertwine his close relationship to nature and his design skills to create a new functional flexibility for both for the materials he uses and for his innovative constructions.  

Second Nature is a clever and exceptionally fitting title for this exhibition. “Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by the mystery and complexity of nature. In my present work the fascination for the natural world is an important source of influence.  I am not looking to replicate nature in my design; I am interested in creating with my work the feeling that nature creates within me” - says Antonio Pio Saracino. 

Thus far Second Nature has not been seen anywhere in the world, so make your way to BOSI Contemporary Gallery and be one of the first to experience yet another excellent exhibition of Antonio Pio Saracino. Read all about his previous and upcoming projects posted on one of the gallery’s side-walls, stroll and admire his meticulously executed drawings and perhaps try to take a seat in one of his chairs…

The exhibit is open until March 4th, 2012. 

Gallery hours are: Tuesday- Saturday 11am – 7pm 

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