Conversazioni @ the Morgan Library (NYC)

(July 03, 2012)
"Le Conversazioni" created by Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini, the itinerant literary and cultural festival takes place between New York and Capri and brings together international writers, journalists and intellectuals to discuss challenging topics and the art of writing.

A taste of the program was at The Morgan Library, in New York, where Le Conversazioni, films of my life was presented two days after the event at Casa Italiana. Writers Martin Amis and Ian Buruma met with Monda to share the films that have influenced their lives and discuss the relationship between writing and cinema. Film clips were shown to better illustrate the discussion, so the audience was treated to scenes of memorable classics such as The Godfather, Blade Runner and Once Upon a Time in America. It is extremely rare to know what inspires the literary minds of our time, and Le Conversazioni is a real treat.

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