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Grandparents and Grandchildren - Joseph M. Mattone

"Grandparents and Grandchildren" (second season) A brand new episode featuring Joseph M. Mattone - lawyer and business leader, beloved by his family, friends, and community - in conversation with his grandchildren Michael and Lena. With the participation of grandma Cav. Mary Ann Mattone. Learn about Joseph M. Mattone's story, his growing up in the Italian-American community of New York, his involvement in politics and philanthropy, and his special relationship with legendary former Governor Mario Cuomo. With Italian subtitles This episode is part of the second season of the TV series "Grandparents and Grandchildren in Italian America." With the support of Italy's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Direzione Generale per gli Italiani All'estero e le Politiche Migratorie. Co-produced with ANFE. i-Italy TV Every Sunday at 1PM on NYC Life (Channel 25 & HD 525)